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A reflection rippling in azure lakes of the soul, so bold, A kiss breathing on lips when I see you in this sunlit world, An embrace of perfection glistening in pleasure untold, A dark filled with brightness, fighting back the cold.

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A fantasy hidden in the depths of thoughtful mind and flesh, A pattern of glowing smiles, winks and sways to guess, A euphoria of warming wiles and traps to enmesh, A laughter pealing across the skies to rapture and bless. The waking section of the book offers more poems bound in reality, based on people, or places, or simply feelings. This book will challenge your very views on life. Palpable, I am ushered through the ley lines, Travelling long and to far, mysterious places, My beating heart shattering in my ears, My mind adrift on a plateau of energy infinite.

The stars are pulsating and merging, Faster and faster and faster, They encompass all the glows of the heavens In one mesmeric surge of enchantment.

My books and collected essays on the future of books, photography, digital culture, and walking.

It is at this point, I see the meaning, the whole sweet melody Of all that exists in the blend of the balance. For a fleeting, powerful moment I am encapsulated and made complete. You are now my spirit. You are now my soul.

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I feel this energy surround me, In the stones, in the circles, in the lines, This power is part of the land itself, Not part of the decay and withering of time, Something greater, indomitable, A surge of euphoria sent back across the ages. I embrace this sensual pleasure! I embrace all that moulds and shapes me. I embrace life in all its myriad of concoctions. Alchemy of Love was written over two years and contains thirty-nine new poems about the world we live in and the thoughts of the author as the seasons change. It is a work glowing with dreams, romance and fantasy, exploring the four seasons of nature, the warmth and the cold, the dark and the light.

It is a work inspired by the world around us, and the inspiration that can be seen in the scenery and the life of the planet. I hear the call of the crow, As the black bird preens itself, Resplendent in its gothic glory. It has been calling to me For some time, Often in the distance, But always there, a dim cry In the endless ether, Waiting for me to find it And draw near. I stand on the precipice now, Gazing down at the bird before me. It watches me, Almost expecting me to leap Over the chasm to where it rests. I dare not, frightened I may fall.

So fall I will not, And simply watch with furrowed brow, Until the crow takes to the sky, And vanishes out of sight.

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  4. Infinite, glimmering passions of majestic hue, Blossoming birth, mysterious entities of the night Engulfing fires of burning flesh, sweet embers- The taste fulfilling all need in a golden moment, Yet starting all over again in beautiful antithesis. Is this how the universe works?


    An expanding, flowing heart Filling every vein, breathing in the delicate life Only to lose it all once more, Falling backwards into impenetrable darkness. I sleep, and the soul takes over, A vestige of unnamed shadows, Smothering all in the warm, gentle dark- Soft, tender touches, my aching body Captures an incredible, startling feeling: An inner joy so profound it numbs all sense.

    Yet merely a glimpse Of something greater, Indefinable, but touched upon Beauty. Koya at Hongakuin Temple or similar. This morning enjoy a fire ceremony by the monks before saying farewell to the Koya region. You will then travel by coach into a sacred remote area, set deep in the mountains of the Kii Peninsula in the Kumano region.

    Koya to Nachi. The area offers pristine pilgrim trails, small mountainous villages as well as riverside hamlets, rustic temples and shrines, views of the ocean, and a rare open-air hot spring set on a riverbank. Kumano City is found along the old pilgrimage path known as the Iseji, which linked the sacred shrines of the Kumano region to Ise Jingu, the most revered and sacred shrine in all of Japan. In the Shingu area, we will visit the Hayatama shrine with its year-old Nagi-no-Ki tree, a symbol of the importance of nature to sacred traditions here.

    As an optional activity this afternoon at own expense you can participate in a Taiko Workshop in Kumano to experience first-hand the connection between musician and drum in this ancient musical art form. Overnight in Kumano at Midoriya or similar. Today will be devoted to exploring the hidden world of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail.

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    You will tour by private coach and on foot some of the most spiritually significant sites in this area, while absorbing the history and beauty of the region. We will then follow the Ojigahama and Mitarai coastal paths to breathe in the refreshing ocean air and savour the expansive views.

    The Ojigahama coast is famous as a laying ground for the loggerhead turtles! We will have some time here to walk and contemplate the natural surroundings. We will then continue to Nara Park to stroll around this large city-centre park where deer roam freely, often interacting with the many tourists.

    From there you will continue back to the old imperial capital, Kyoto, to stop at the Nishiki Market. You have been successfully removed from our newsletter list. We are sorry to see you go. We hope to have you back in the future and please keep in touch.

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    Book this Journey. Craig Marshall. Kyoto Rooftops From Kyoto we will travel to Mt.

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    A Buddhist monk on Mount Koya We then travel to the sacred remote and mountainous Kumano region, visiting the breathtaking Nachi Falls and Shingu area shrines. Deer mingling with the visitors of Nara's Deer Park Mid-October is a wonderful time to visit Japan — the tourist crowds have subsided and the skies are usually clear blue, providing the perfect backdrop for photographing, or just admiring the early fall colours. Show map.

    Day 1. Arrive at Kansai Airport; Kyoto Read more. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4. Day 5. Day 6. Day 7.

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    Day 8. Day 9. Transfer to Kansai Airport for onward flights home. Sign up to our Newsletter. Thank you.