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Re-releasing the movies, memorabilia, and some movie theaters are showing the movies on the big screen. My local theater is doing that, starting at 5 PM and showing the entire trilogy back-to-back for the price of one movie. I'm going to go do that. Ironically, game 4 is Wednesday night, and the Cubs could potentially be eliminated that night if the Mets sweep.

But games 3 and 4 are in Chicago, so I don't think that'll happen. Oh, and a trailer for the new Star Wars is going to be released tonight! Ahhhhhhhh, nothing quite like a weekend of sports nirvana!

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LOL - John, you are a Chicago masochist. Get a laugh from the Michigan vs. Michigan St. I know those in the Midwest love to hate other Midwest teams.

Poor Cleveland fans are getting so despondent. April 29th , then Cubs manager Lee Elia, his post game game rant about Cub fans. In 3 minutes 32 seconds, he dropped the "F" bomb 39 times Gee, ya think he was pissed? That's tough. All three of my family's teams won this weekend. For a change. My daughter is just starting to seriously follow her home team and driving everybody nuts when they aren't in the lead.

They made a 4th quarter , last minute comeback Yesterday , so it was three hours of 15 year old impatience.

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Congrats to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Sounds like some changes about to happen in Canada. Dude's only 43 - that's only a couple years older than me! Tough, no, not for me it's not. For me it's great in fact that they both lost. I always root for whoever is playing the Flubs and Da Bears.

Well , never mind then. My daughter was born in South Carolina , so she's a Panthers fan. Has to be her own person and was happy to have the opportunity to join in Family Sunday football , but with her own unique spin on it. I'm pretty happy with the results of yesterdays vote. Canada's back baby!

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Hey Dudes, like what's happening? Dougie really got pissed this time, I guess. Well he's gonna have to get him some big boy shorts and hitchem' up, and come back to the table if he wants any pudding. You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!!! Well, I am trying to make light of our youngster's absence. He is our future. God help us. Nick flies through with the fury of a small hurricane every so often. I'm just yapping. Got to go to dental cleaning tomorrow.

Hunting GIANT Bears in Canada!! {Catch Clean Cook}

Oh God I hate to go to Dentist. Sipping a little wine after work. I have to relax, or the world is not worth it. So, I try too relax. Been stocking my wine rack this month, it's not very big! It's a small rack I found down at Mom and Dad's and just on a whim, said why not take it. It's like about a bottle scissor type rack, a cheapie. But it fits perfect where I put it.

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Glad I got it! It worked into my counter "pseudo wall between kitchen and dining room very well. I'll have to show sometime I guess. But I won't have room to save bottles for many years in this rack, no can do, unless I get a larger rack. My recent favorite is a Kabinet, not real expensive. About 9. I have one open now, won't buy more.

Lex out. The Blue Jays are getting slaughtered. Oh well, it was a good season up until this series. Respectfully, Doug, you're pretty hard on Dougie. I hope he sticks around. He's part of the gang here! Okay, so I'm a super movie nerd, if you didn't know that about me already. I'll post about it in the Episode VII discussion thread. Yeah I'd like Dougie to come back too and Doug to take it easy on him :p: Saw the new trailer this morning Chris.

Wait For Me, a thunderbirds fanfic | FanFiction

Pants were definitely shortened :lol:. Saw the new trailer this morning Chris. Pants were definitely shortened :lol: Sooooooo Ummmmmm, just in case any of ya did not know, and so ya all do now know I threw up. You know what photo damnit. I went to Dentist for cleaning, and as usual got some bad news. So, my solution after eI was through working? Get drunk. This Chardonay sucked so I poured a little red grape juice in it to change the taste a bit.

I had a weird event last night, I woke up with my eye hurting like fuck. It made sleeping difficult.

I called in since I was going to Dentist anyway, and worked from home. It was still uncomfortable this AM, but after a shower, it started feeling better. I still don't konw what prompted it, but it hurt like fuck. I said that already didn't I. In case I didn't mention it, it hurt like fuck. Yes, I have been pointed out too that the guitar Marty played in Episode 2, was not produced for another 2 years. I said, well, maybe it was a fucking prototype! I'm sticking to it. Biff sucks manure. I'm pretty hard on Dougie cause I like the lil shit, and he pisses me off when he leaves because of a slight altercation.