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The End? John Kremer runs his own successful consultancy business, having been a Reader in Psychology at Queen's University Belfast for 31 years. Along with his academic interest in sport and exercise psychology he has worked directly with a wide range of national and international athletes and teams in over 50 sports. A Fulbright Scholar, he has written many scientific papers on mental imagery and attention in athletes. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource.

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Introducing Sport Psychology: A Practical Guide

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Description Should you always "think about it"? Applying Sport Psychology: Four Perspectives offers professors, students, and professionals in the field, as well as coaches and athletes, a comprehensive survey of major issues in applied sport psychology. Applying Sport Psychology is organized into four parts: Psychological Factors Athletic Performance motivation, confidence, intenisty, focus, and emotions , Enhancing Athletic Performance psychological assessment, goal setting, mental imagery, and routines , Psychology and the Coach coach-athlete relationship, team dynamics , and Psychological Problems of Athletes injuries, eating disorders, substance abuse, and career transition.

Readers will gain a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the most significant issues in the field of sport psychology.

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With Psychological Approaches to Sports Injury Rehabilitation, sports medicine professionals and injured athletes develop a clear understanding of the psychological and emotional issues that impact athletic injury and rehabilitation. They also learn practical information and skills they can use to enhance the rehabilitation process.

Readers are shown how to incorporate psychological considerations into traditional rehabilitation programs so that psychological and emotional factors facilitate rather than interfere with rehabilitation. Find out how to recognize psychological barriers to effective rehabilitation including poor motivation, low confidence, depression, pain, and fear of reinjury.

Learn how to design easy-to-follow psychological rehabilitation programs. The goal of this book is to assist injured athletes in having a timely and successful recovery and enable them to be physically and psychologically prepared to return to their sport ready to perform again at their highest level. This book is directed toward and will benefit all sports medicine professionals who work in the injury management process including orthopedists, nurses, physical therapists, athletic trainers, psychologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and others.

The objective of this book is to create in these professionals an understanding of and the desire and ability to use this comprehensive information and strategies in their day-to-day work in the injury management process. With this knowledge, sports medicine professionals at every stage of the injury management process can accomplish two essential goals. Second, they can ensure that all of these concerns will contribute to, rather than impede, the injury management process.

Three influential areas will be addressed in terms of their effect on day-to-day and long-term injury management.

First, physical issues that the patient will encounter including injury-specific information such as the nature of the damage, pain, and rehabilitation in addition to more general physical concerns such as rest and effects on overall health. Second, psychological issues that the patient will face including anger over the injury, post-operative depression or anxiety, confidence in the rehabilitation program, motivation to maintain rehabilitation, and loss of identity.

There are three primary goals of this book. First, to identify important physical, psychological, and logistical issues that would benefit patients. Second, to provide practical information, guidelines, approaches, and strategies to ensure that these issues facilitate rather than interfere with the injury management process.

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Third, to offer sports medicine professionals a structured framework with which to provide patients with this essential information. These concerns will be addressed within a chronological framework of a four-stage process of injury management: examination of injury, surgery when necessary , rehabilitation, and return to activity.

Introducing Sport Psychology: A Practical Guide

In addition, practical ways of dealing with each issue will be considered with special emphasis on providing clear information, and simple and practical approaches and techniques to manage them most efficaciously. My career as a professor, researcher, consultant, writer, and speaker has been driven by the simple, yet powerful, desire to create and share ideas.

My blogging began as a venue for contributing to the intellectual marketplace and to question the status quo, challenge the convention wisdom, and offer new perspectives on the complex world in which we live. The Internet has given me a soapbox from which to advocate for reason, fairness, compassion, and civility, and to call out those who use power, misinformation, sophistry, and fear to distort the truth and manipulate ideas for their own selfish interests. As you will see in this book, my ideas reflect my broad interests including politics, popular culture, technology, business, education, sports, and the human condition.

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I hope you find my blog posts enlightening, entertaining, and even, on occasion, infuriating. I expect you will agree with some of my ideas and disagree with others. More than anything, though, I hope my ideas provoke ideas of your own and perhaps even inspire you to share them as I have. Meet Dr. Sport Psychology: A Complete Introduction.

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