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By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. John will also perform songs from his solo album 10, Light Years Ago. If you are new to the music of John Lodge, come and experience this incredible show, and see why his music has influenced musicians and fans for generations.

Moody Blues

And, of course, if you love the Moodies you will love this show…. As a member of The Moody Blues since , John Lodge has spent much of his life touring the world, as part of a 'rock n roll band'. Website Facebook Twitter. John Lodge. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Mary rated it really liked it Jun 29, Stephen MacKinnon rated it it was amazing Feb 22, Mary Todd marked it as to-read Sep 03, Rick Roehlk added it Feb 03, John Griffin added it Jun 12, Jordan McPeek marked it as to-read Feb 23, Monica marked it as to-read Mar 07, Linda marked it as to-read Mar 26, Riotkat added it Nov 12, Sami Sayed marked it as to-read Apr 15, Ian St John added it May 26, Anthony Kufner marked it as to-read Sep 08, Candess Campbell marked it as to-read Sep 26, Angelia marked it as to-read Apr 17, Nikki marked it as to-read Jul 24, Clwseattle added it Jan 20, Ian Donnelly marked it as to-read Feb 05, Frank Salvatini added it Jun 04, Penny marked it as to-read May 06, Nori added it May 30, James courneya added it Aug 18, Darren Edwards marked it as to-read May 14, Sandie Herron added it Oct 10, About Steve Oliver.

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The sound might have changed a trifle less Mellotron and less hi-tech overdubs on this one, apparently, to make it easier to reproduce some of these numbers on stage , but the essence is still the same. What distinguishes the album is its concept: for the first and last time in their existence, the Moodies try out a straightforward take on ecological problems that's what 'Balance' is all about.

However, as much as I hate eco rock for its brainwashed nature and usually dorky lyrics, there's really little to complain about this particular concept: the 'save-the-world' problems are taken on a global, cosmic scale, with innocent philosophical allusions tied in now and then and lyrics masked by the Moodies' artistic and ontological pretensions oh well, what else could one expect?

On top of it, Graeme Edge gets the one and onely reasonably attractive piece of text-writing ever: the spooky 'Don't You Feel Small', although his closing Biblical stylization 'The Balance' ain't that nauseating either - so much for maturation. The album's main flaw is that it has nothing to add to the Moodies' legacy. Other than that - depends on how much you enjoy the style.

Now this is what I call 'unoriginal', see? This isn't a bad album by any means; frankly enough, I quite appreciate it. It's just that it refuses to present me with new ideas - musical, conceptual, lyrical, production-wise, whatever. Not a single one; practically every song on here invokes visions of its predecessors, at least one and sometimes two and more. The well had clearly run dry. Anyway, what the boys do here is trying to re-create a carbon copy of A Question Of Balance , albeit with quite naturally much less appealing results. The concept, once more, deals with the problems of age and life stages see the album cover for references.

Why they were so obsessed with aging is beyond me. After all, none of them were responsible for lines of the 'hope I die before I get old' type, so what the hell? Days Of Future Passed already said it all. Unfortunately, this album doesn't sound as fresh after the previous six ones Hey now, I've just visited the Rolling Stone Guide page to see what these guys think of the Moodies, and now I'm really at a loss for words.

You know, I'm not the greatest Moodies fan in the world, but to put them down like they did, wow What's even more interesting is that they level them with the ground on the grounds that they were much too artsy and pretentious, with their albums always following the same scheme.

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So what, I say? You know, I already got sick of the word 'pretentious' when applied to rock bands. Who the hell decided what is pretentious and what isn't? And, first of all, why can't an artist be pretentious when he wants to?


Art always was pretentious, all genres of it. If the Rolling Stone Guide thinks pretentious artists shouldn't exist, we should burn the books of Sophocles, Shakespeare, Dostoyevski and Camus; rip apart ninety-nine percent of Renaissance pictures; and finally, discard classical music as a genre, because it's pretentious almost by definition. Why do we let other people be pretentious and deny the honour to rock musicians?

You know, I find it very hard to prattle about pop music. The thing is, nobody knows exactly what is good pop music and what isn't. Everybody knows that there is good pop music and there is bad pop music, but the number of opinions on that point coincides with the number of people that have 'em at all.

Even if we exclude those that think the Spice Girls are good pop music from the number of 'people with some kind of taste', that still leaves quite a lot of pain in the ass to sort it out. One good man thinks well of all 'classic' pop; another good man thinks well of the Beatles and the Beach Boys and puts down Fleetwood Mac as 'pap'; yet another gentleman praises Fleetwood Mac and says 'this is so much better than ABBA'; and the next reverend person objects, 'hey, I love ABBA!

Now the Carpenters.. Where does that borderline lie that separates Pop from Pablum? Takes a really wise long-bearded person to find out, or else just takes time. Time, as the only judge respected by everybody, will sort it out. Currently time has upheld my idea about ABBA being much better than everybody thinks they were and ground to dust former hip stars like Pat Boone or Frankie Avallon. But who knows, that might yet change in a million years The first glossy, clean and totally artificial 'Newdy Blues' product: eatable, but verrry second-rate.

So Mike Pinder is gone and they replaced him with Moraz. Big deal, you say. Nope, the deal is actually quite big.

Red Heart Moody Blues Throw

This album is certainly far less horrendous than Octave : the boys have embarked on one more journey for catchy hooks, truly emotional singing and memorable melodies, and they don't fall into self-parody like they did on some of Ray Thomas' numbers three years earlier. But there's a much more serious problem waiting in the closet: where Octave managed to preserve at least a few shreds of the 'classic' sound, like on 'Survival', Long Distance Voyager presents the band as a Mainstream Eighties Keyboard Pop Band, and only their undisputable talent helps them somehow stand out from among other representatives of this genre - one of the most miserable genres of all time, along with hair metal and technopop.

In other words, Octave inspires remarks like: 'Hey! They used to be the Moody Blues, didn't they?

The Moody Blues | The Official Site of Fraze Pavilion

Carry me back, ten years before this tripe! Quite glossy, too, but at least the main accent here is on songwriting, not 'fitting in with the times'. Amazingly, this one's even better - I give it an eight with no remorse at all.

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And why? Because it has such a cool album cover! Ooh, verrry sexy in that romantic old Greek style, although the album's title hardly fits in with the artwork. I realize I could possibly finish the review right here, but as a bonus to the artwork comes a set of ten crappy wastes of tape that somehow seem to demand much more of the buyer's attention than the artwork, so with a deep sigh I'll probably need to set out reviewing the Pop Stinkers of the Eighties Moody Schlock. Are there any acoustic demos of this stuff?

In , bands with a year work stage - like the Moody Blues - should have taken a hint and gone in for a long, long period of hibernation. After all, they probably had enough fat stuffed in their paws to last the long winter of cheesy third-hand synth pop. Alas, nobody had the chance to offer them a time machine at the time, rendering it impossible for them to take a short trip into the nearest future - "other side of life" indeed - and see the many odd and unpredictable ways of lambasting that people have invented since then for this kind of dated, ridiculous shit.