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When we follow these tips, we give our kids the gift of knowing they can succeed around all different types of people. Unfortunately, some parents steal this wonderful opportunity by trying to make sure their children's teachers are "perfect.

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Don't fall into this trap! Use these Love and Logic tips, and give your kids the responsibility and self—confidence they deserve. Printer Friendly PDF. Charles Fay Permission granted for photocopy reproduction. Please do not alter or modify contents. For more information, call the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. Enjoy three days of inspiring presentations, amazing mountain recreation, and some of the most awesome scenery on earth! Early Bird Special ends February 3, Sign up Today! You have 0 items in your cart Continue shopping. Shop Now. Parents' FAQs. Find a Trainer. Hire a Speaker.

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If your child is having trouble adjusting to his or her teacher, here are some easy—to—learn Love and Logic tips to effectively deal with the situation: Tip 1: Listen and empathize if your child complains about a teacher. Tip 2: Resist the urge to talk badly about your child's teacher or school. Many, then, would assume that it is raising the arms overhead that is a problem. If anything, though, it seems it is sub-optimal alignment of the shoulder girdle and a concomitant lack of mobility of the scapulae which cause issues in the region.

This study , done in , begins to argue the case that lack of movement and sub optimal muscle recruitment at the scapulae which ideally slide and glide in a variety of directions to facilitate the movement of the upper extremity and especially the arms go hand in hand with neck and shoulder issues.

So should we move the shoulder girdle less? If anything, I would say there is an argument for moving more, although doing so with better information. As a technical aside, it is the serratus anterior which is a primary upward rotator of the scapulae required in this action. As the upper trapezius becomes activated in abduction of the arms, in those with an under-active serratus anterior, the upper trapezius may well dominate this movement, also.

As such, it is not that we need to avoid the movement, but rather to re-train the movement, so that the serratus anterior is more active in it. For me, movement is a fundamental human challenge, and just like the work of being the best, most fully contributing human beings we can be, requires ceaseless effort and engagement.

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It requires not shying away from our challenges, but engaging them meaningfully and continually equipping ourselves to do so more effectively. Any movement practice has its inherent risks, and doing anything repetitively, especially with mindlessrepetition, is likely to cause injury to show up.

There is so much more that could be said here. I could talk about how it may well be that the body thrives on and evolves through stress, skilfully and judicially applied. It is an idea that I think we could easily choose to avoid in postural yoga, and may even be considered taboo. For now, consider:. Drop the fear. It just drives clicks, and keeps us all engaged in ever contracting spirals.

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Others need to be interrogated. Some of the learnings you have through your injuries may benefit others, but consider if you might share those benefits without selling the fear, and selling with fear. Extracting the greatest value from movement involves taking the best from everything. He will then proceed to look at why we might perform that movement, what its inherent benefits and risks are, what we might gain from it and how we might optimise for it.

This, as an idea, creates learning and growth. Applied in movement practice, it creates skill in action. Think outside the box, move outside the box. Inform yourself. Overthinking movement can be just as deleterious as moving with little or no reflection. It is the mark of a mature mover to interrogate movement and movement possibilities, using a variety of methods.

Movement is key in these methods, and all things must come back to movement, but we have so much else we can draw upon. Seek out the best information you can and the best teachers you can as you do that. There is no shortage of great teachers and informed movers and thinkers out there, but ultimately the responsibility falls on us to process the information available, making it applicable and beneficial to us. He did that, and along that road, some fifteen years ago, began the journey down the rabbit hole that is Yoga. As rabbit holes tend to do, this takes me ever deeper on a winding road.

His road is one where movement is key. Where life as a professional dancer primarily a ballet dancer, but also performing neo-classical and contemporary works met Yoga, and at some point, life as a professional dancer fell away. Yoga, for Marty, provides an incredible means to do what he has sought to do as long as he can remember: Make sense of himself, and of life, and to know how best to engage in all of this.

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The more he gets to know about Yoga, the more elusive the subject seems to become. The more he see its diversity, and how diverse the people and practices have been over the several millenia of its existence, the more he sees it like any great idea: It lives and breathes within us, and means different things to each of us. While he believes in a healthy reverence for what has come before, he also believes in radical efficacy and in seeking the highest truth available to us. That lies in study, and work, and clarity, but also in staying open, for our greatest certainty is so often a closed door.