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It creates a sense of ecstasy and well being as energy blockages are released on a cellular level as one connects with the heart's intentions.

Sounding the Mind of God: Therapeutic Sound for Self-healing and Transformation by Lyz Cooper

In a Shamanic Sound Immersion, one is bathed in the vibrations of the co-created sounds and sacred geometries. This has an affect on all of the energy bodies simultaneously. Participants lie on the floor or sit, relax and allow the sounds to wash over them to experience their vibrational essence and resonate it to the world. What is a Shamanic Sound Bath? A Shamanic Sound Bath as co-created by Amy Koch is a vibrational experience that works with intention, love and sacred sound. The Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls create harmonics that affect the chakras facilitating balance and clearing according to your intentions.

The gong promotes awareness and understanding of our inner-self at many levels of our being. Work with this gong facilitates the process of healing and transformation, to be who you know you are at heart. It was said by the Ancients that if you were gonged for ten days you would be cured of anything.

Sounding the Mind of God from Ayni Books

The current opinion of the scientific community is that the use of sound is becoming an ever more valuable tool in the treatment of many conditions, ailments and diseases. Lyz was a joy to work with throughout the project. She was always available to talk and help with our questions and concerns, she is creative and helped us to get around problems and she was always willing to participate in interviews, whether in person, on the phone or on email.

She is a great writer too and all her written contributions were very well done and needed no editing. She was able to find sound therapy case studies for us among her clients at very short notice. Lyz is a very intelligent, diligent and kind person and I would definitely recommend working with her on commercial and media campaigns. Altogether a refreshing and enlightening subject matter and should interest any reader. Recommended, particularly if you like music! If you want to explore Sound Therapy this book makes a perfect introduction with plenty of details and clear instruction.

Well-written, informative introduction to the subject.

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Whilst being musical will be a help in understanding this, it is by no means essential. It is an excellent book for anyone working with chakras. This book is packed with knowledge and powerful techniques for self transformation. Lyx Cooper brings ancient knowledge together with science to demonstrate how sound, combined with breath, self-reflection and more, can be used to take you on a journey of self-discovery and tranformation, to make positive changes to your life.

She offers a range of simple, fun exercises which include the use of the voice, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and drums. On the whole a refreshing and instructive book, which although not long, packs a punch without resorting to soundbites. If you want to explore Sound Therapy, this book makes a good introduction with plenty of details and clear instruction, and plenty of places to launch into more depth from. Sounding the Mind of God is well-researched, easy to understand and fun!

God's Healing Frequencies ✞ 6 Tones of Creation ✞ Sacred Solfeggio Healing Tones ✞ Binaural Beats

Cooper has a deep understanding of the universe and has synthesized her knowledge by blending meticulous scientific research with practical, user-friendly advice on how to bring the power of sound into your life. This is a book you will want to refer to again and again as it demystifies the worlds of sound healing, emotions, chakras, cutting- edge science and much more.

I feel honored that someone with his background and success undertook this project of bringing this empowering, practical paradigm to teachers and children and that he has done such an amazing job. The manual provides teachers with the tools for using IFS to enrich their classrooms and personal life. The worksheets guide students in building a wide array of skills needed for school and life success.

Students learn how to not be taken over by the frustration, distraction, boredom, moods, states and parts that get in the way of their learning. The Manual gives teachers the tools for enjoying teaching more, overcoming stress and being more effective. Students build their Social Emotional Learning Skills. The manuals come in either a short mini, or full, version depending on the need for a quick or more comprehensive training.

The full manual includes a section on using IFS to improve the support and care we get from our partner or loved one. Parenting today is not easy. Parents and children face tough demands. School work today is hard. Children are required to master harder and harder content in earlier and earlier grades.

Children today need excellent understanding, reading, writing, problem solving, persistence and memorization skills. However, many children today are lacking in the skills needed for success. Many children today have emotional, behavior, social and learning barriers that get in the way of school and life success.

Sounding the Mind of God: Therapeutic Sound for Self-healing and Transformation

IFS is an amazing tool for helping children succeed and parents to be less stressed and more effective. IFS is a fueling station for parents and children. Parenting is often overwhelming and difficult. Parents are overworked and over stressed. Life for children today is difficult. The manual helps build the key skills our children need for school and life success. IFS helps parents to feel less stressed and guide their children in positive ways. Parents using IFS can return to a relaxed, enjoyable and self-refueling state throughout the day by using Self Led, rather than Parts Led parenting.

The manual comes in either a short mini, or full, version depending on the need for a quick or more comprehensive training. Grade level: Bruce Perry. We learn about the history of psychedelics and the neurosequential model of the brain and consider what it means to be bad or good…. In this ebook, Richard Schwartz, the developer of the Internal Family Systems Model, applies the IFS Model to the topic of intimate relationships in an engaging, understandable, and personal style. Therapists and lay people alike will find this book to be an insightful exploration of how In this ebook, Richard Schwartz, the developer of the Internal Family Systems Model, introduces its basic concepts and methods in an engaging, understandable, and personal style.

Available in PDF format. Each protocol is taught using video footage of actual lectures. Presentation slides are incorporated into the videos to maximize learning. Included in the DVD is a guided meditation created to facilitate couples in understanding hidden needs beneath their conflict. Lecture 1: Tracking Sequences.

Sacred Frequencies

Intimacy From the Inside Out:Change Your Conversation, Change Your Relationship This DVD consists of excerpts from three distinct sessions demonstrating ways to help protectors "unblend" enough to become available for courageous conversations. Each piece of work shows how helping couples make the drop to vulnerability enhances feelings of heartfelt connection.

Legacy burdens are powerful organizers of our minds and behaviors, and we all have them. This dvd set captures one of the gems of the Conference. Through personal stories, experiential exercises and a powerful demonstration, this workshop will help you become more aware of the legacy burdens we carry. Running time 3 hours 11 min. Over the past decade, Dick Schwartz has collaborated with groups of Israeli Arab and Jewish leaders to find new ways to dialogue about the conflict between them and to identify and release the burdens that inevitably arise in that process.

In this talk, Dick discusses these issues and references the work to illustrate the process. This is a lively discussion, which focuses on where the conflict is today, the main challenges they are facing, what possible solutions might look like in transforming the conflict, and next steps. Also included are two powerful and groundbreaking videos of Dick's work with a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman.

Color Atlas of Emergency Trauma

These compelling demonstrations illustrate the power of legacy burdens along with the impact of living in traumatized communities, yet still leave the viewer with inspiration and a sense of hope amidst such intractable conflict. Total running time: 3 hours 37 min. The Trauma Center at JRI and a team of IFS practitioners conducted a pilot intervention study examining the effectiveness of IFS for complex trauma as well as for improving body awareness and self-compassion.

Learn more about how IFS is an evidence-based practice, deemed to show significant impact on outcomes relating to mental health. The most recent study, in veterans, firefighters, and police officers, has tracked the occurrence and extent of parts work in MDMA-assisted sessions and its correlation with PTSD outcomes. Total Running Time: 69 Minutes. During this powerful session, Dr.

In this fascinating 3 hour DVD, Dr. Here is your opportunity to experience Dick's weeklong class designed for practicing therapists. The first DVD begins with an overview of IFS and then moves on to a deeper exploration of issues that arise during treatment. The second DVD contains highlights of demonstrations, guided meditation and experiential exercises.

This 2 dvd set captures some "not to be missed" highlights from the IFS Conference. This plenary provided a showcase for the exciting and innovative work of Jody and her team who are bringing IFS to youth and families in inner-city Minneapolis through schools in the Twin Cities. In addition to sharing their experiences of doing IFS with diverse and poor clients, they describe how they also change the culture in the schools through training teachers and staff in IFS; create school-wide, Self-led interventions; and collaborate with community cultural specialists to impact inner-city communities.

Matthew S. Goodwin, Dr. IFS clients and therapists are aware of the palpable physiological shifts they experience during sessions — the embodied sense of calm and confidence when parts relax and Self emerges, the sudden lightness that accompanies unburdening, and the various ways that parts show up in the body. What if it were possible to measure and reflect on these changes as they happen in sessions?

What if we could measure the physiological resonance between therapist and client and discover how physiological coupling and uncoupling predict internal transformation? What if we could develop new technologies to help therapists monitor whether they or their clients are in Self? These are the questions that a group of interdisciplinary researchers have been exploring in regular meetings over the past year. This plenary presented their thinking and methods as well as a live demonstration that showcased these promising technologies.

This was a unique and wonderful opportunity for Dick and Bessel to discuss treatment approaches, current research, show video of work with clients, and reflect on personal and professional experiences, Moments of both humor and serious debate illustrate their mutual respect as well as commitmentand and contributions to the field of trauma work.