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Safety is also a factor, and the knife should have a safe sheathing mechanism to prevent it from accidentally opening and causing you harm. Spearing the fish is just the first part of the battle.

Getting them to the surface and in your bag or boat is a challenge in itself. Depending on the size of fish you are targeting you could just reel them in or you might need floats to help fight the fish with buoyancy as your ally. Before you can go fishing, a license is necessary. Be sure to familiarize yourself with state and local fishing laws before you dive, and always have your license with you.

See our article of the best spearfishing locations. If I'm not working, I'm usually fishing. I've been pun intended hooked on fishing since I was three years old. I started fishmasters to help people find fishing tips, places and products to improve their chances at bigger and better catches. Well, that was a pretty fascinating read, not going to lie. I really hope you continue to write. Spearfishing is an intense form of fishing: essentially hunting for fish underwater, spearfishers dive into the ocean and face the fish directly.

This style of fishing takes more athleticism than some other, more Whether you are just beginning your spearfishing journey or you have been doing this activity for the years, it is always good to check for tips and tricks to get the most out of your fishing experience. This is a guide We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Fishmasters Privacy Terms Sitemap. Table of Contents. Fishmasters If I'm not working, I'm usually fishing. View all posts. Best Fishing Tools — You may also like. How To. Recent posts. Some spearos also take pole spears to the next level by using them in the blue water. This requires the ability to get close to the fish and hit them while the slip tip is attached to a float line and float. It is highly advisable for anyone who is a beginner at spear fishing to have a black low-volume mask.

The alternative, a clear silicone mask will cause a glare from the sun because a beginner will be on the surface a lot.

Choosing your spearfishing / freediving equipment

The black low-volume mask cuts the glare. Following the above steps will speed up the process once you do get in the water with your new mask. Simple is key when it comes to snorkels. Spearfishing or freediving wetsuits are important because they keep you warm.

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Also, freediving wetsuits can keep you protected from rocks when you are entering or exiting the water. A lot of freedivers think they can dive with a regular surfing wetsuit. The reason this is not advisable is that they are not as comfortable as the freediving suits, which are made out of the Chloroprene, a super flexible and comfortable. This is precisely why you should wear a thicker suit in order to stay warm. Most freediving suits are two-piece wetsuits. This helps provide more wetsuit on your chest, which necessarily keeps you warmer.

17 Spearfishing Gear Essentials - [Useful Reviews + Buyer's Guide]

You can also get the Riffe Steamer if you want a one-piece, non-hooded wetsuit. Another option is to get a lycra hood to keep your head warm in colder water. The Steamer comes in 1. The Steamer is mostly used for tropical water, which means 77 degrees or warmer. A beginner freediver could start with a nylon belt.

Dive Courses for all levels and specialties in Northern Beaches

The rubber belt will be more comfortable and you are less likely to lose it. You should get your weights from a dive shop so they can give you the proper amount. Some spearos add weight to negatively buoyant themselves, however, this can be dangerous especially if you shallow water blackout. Longer fins are better for free diving.

When you are free diving, ideally it is a long, slow kick, using the entire leg.

Shore Dive Spearfishing - ADRENO

One reason for this is because the goal is to use less oxygen. When purchasing a set of fins, you should always purchase a set of fin keepers. They keep your fins from falling off your feet. Also, it eliminates noise, and it prevents energy loss and sores.

Freediving socks are important for keeping your feet protected within your freediving fins. They also have an extra benefit for keeping your feet warm in the water since they are located far away from your heart. They are constantly getting rubbed against which will wear at the neoprene.

Essential Spearfishing Gear to Hunt Perfectly!

Some spearos also use them to walk from their car to the beach. This tends to shorten the life of the socks by ripping holes in the bottom. Try to use waterproof sandals when crossing rough terrain. Gloves are important because they keep your hands warm and protected. Certain gloves have better dexterity when handling anything in the water i. The lycra gloves are good for catching lobsters. Also, some fish have sharp gill rakers inside their gills.

The Dyneema diving glove keeps your hands safe from gill and tooth scrapers, lobster stabs and anything else sharp that could cause infection if there was no protection. Always carry a knife, it could save your life. Most spearos carry more than one for added protection. Spearfishing floats are handy when you are diving from the shore and want to be visible. They are also important when you are bluewater hunting and spear large fish like tuna and need them to fight against the float before bringing them in. Floats come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and pressures. Float lines are important for keeping your gun safe after you hit a fish.