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AOS is problematic from a writing standpoint. Heimdall, Korath, and Johnny were cast with the best actors for the role in mind. Pepper spent the second half of that movie as a damsel in distress, and a lot of people are still complaining that she killed Killian and not Tony. Also, she's still a supporting character. Also, he was underused in IM 3.

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Nick Fury is good. Nothings been confirmed about BP yet. And they're ALL supporting characters. Sorry, but that's not good enough. Still waiting for that female-led movie Feige. Still waiting for that minority-led movie Feige.


You ever going to get around to those Feige? He first appeared in Supernatural Thrillers 5 Aug. At the age of 21, N'Kantu must undergo the Test of the Lion, proving himself to be worthy of being called a warrior. Succeeding in this trial also means that someday N'Kantu would be worthy to succeed his father as king. Months later, his father dies in his sleep, and N'Kantu becomes the chieftain of the Swarili tribe. Returning from a hunt, N'Kantu finds that his village has been ransacked and the entire tribe of Swarili rounded up by Egyptians as slaves.

N'Kantu fights to rescue his people, but is overwhelmed and captured by the Egyptian soldiers. Recognized as the strongest, and most dangerous of the Swarili, N'Kantu is isolated and forced to work the hardest in an attempt to break his spirit. But at night he and the other Swarili people plot a rebellion, though unbeknownst to them their plotting is being reported to Aram-Set and his chief priest, Nephrus. At the completion of the current monument project, the Egyptians take their slaves into its catacombs in preparation for a mass execution. But N'Kantu signals for the revolt and the Swarili slaughter their would-be executioners.

N'Kantu slays Aram-Set with his spear, and then turns to Nephrus, but the evil priest had prepared, and he sprays N'Kantu in the face with a mysterious paralyzing liquid. N'Kantu is then strapped and bound to a special altar, his body wrapped in papyrus, and his blood is drained and replaced with an unknown alchemical preservative. N'Kantu, who remains conscious through the entire ordeal, is then placed inside a stone sarcophagus. In modern times, the paralyzing fluid finally wears off and N'Kantu escapes from his tomb. Deranged from being paralyzed in a dark tomb for several millennia, he digs himself free and goes on a rampage in Cairo, Egypt.

He later recovers from his insanity and discovers Doctor Alexi Skarab, one of Nephrus' surviving descendants. N'Kantu was electrocuted into unconsciousness. His lifeless body is shipped to a New York City museum, where he is revived. While searching, he battled Professor Abdol the Living Pharaoh.

N'Kantu then battled the Elementals, and vanquished them with the aid of the Scarab he had found. Don't miss this exciting new take on the character that started it all. In a healing new world, Six awaken on the Grid, the new way to wage war, to change the planet's soul, only to find they have to discover their own hidden past and find the Seventh to do it. Guided by a questionable creator and his team try to find the answers to all things.

One man survived…. Katharos: The Shattered World.

It is an action-packed story filled with intriguing characters and exciting capers. By Travis Ware. Before he made detective, before he met his partner and before the accident, we learn Detective Wane's story. Detective Scott had to earn her homicide badge. And how the great ninja, Master Togi applied justice. This is their story. Raxon Universal Dominion. Mankind has once again been thrust into the path of war. Bringing with them mighty fleets of warships, their own versions of expanders, and the great being that is known as their God, the ultimate weapon and being mankind has ever seen the Raxon.

What was three races that once lived in harmony have now been fractured and their war has now reached humanities doorstep. It tells the tale of five Earths, each very different from the others, and the one woman who wants to control them all. It will be rated "M" for mature. Jellybean Dream Anthology by Norv Henry. The Jellybean Dream Anthology is an 80 page book of art from some hot independent artists showing their love to the Jellybean Dream Universe and its title character, Jellybean Turner.

Jellybean Dream is about the adventures of Jellybean, a native of Atlanta, GA as she navigates between her regular life and her life as a spaceship captain that occurs via dreamscaping. The young vigilante Street Pedal Black is out for blood against the tyrannical regime called "Government," which has rendered the world into a near-dystopian wasteland.

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No victory comes without maintenance, and Street's crew Team Blax will fight tooth and nail just to keep their right to be alive. A Story written and illustrated by Gmoss to encourage the young and older generation. In the summer of , the Magic City, an area of peace and tranquility, was violently taken over by a gas bomb from the Evil Shadow Regimen. In ancient times this Regimen used mind control, fear, and extreme violence to conquer empires.

A few blocks away, two teens Ann and her little brother Lo, witness the bombing, and saw their close friend abducted. The Space Safarians are a group of super powered animals who banded together to defend their world Mammalon from the extra-terrestrial threats. The group was founded by the original members Cosmic Cat, Kanga-R. Shortly thereafter, new members such as S. Follow Agent Darius on his own solo mission that take him to the far reaches of space and bring him face to face with someone from his past!

Anyone who would walk down the streets of Big City should step wisely. Private detective, Duke Denim knows this all too well. After mysteriously leaving the Big City Police Department, he has dedicated himself to solving the crimes others have forgotten. From his small office, halfway down the alley and on the left, Duke faces cries for help and punches to the gut After all, life is cold and hard in Big City Duke Denim jumps into action in the debut novella, Hold Em Close.

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A missing socialite puts into motion a tale of deceit, uncontrollable fury, millions in insurance money, broken hearts, and broken jaws. From high brow restaurants to unfinished skyscrapers, Duke Denim uncovers a city full secrets and why people want to Hold em Close. The critically acclaimed series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline, is the world from which the character Duke Denim originated.


The World as we know it has succumb to the Creatures of Legend. One Hero has taken up the unwanted task of saving Mankind. You'll love this funny, action-packed, sci-fi adventure! Aliens with guns Doomed to a colorless existence in a faraway galaxy, mankind will stage a war for freedom in this science fiction action adventure.

When fourteen year-old Opheila Knightflower is kidnapped by aliens [the Kimerians], she is taken to a distant galaxy, bound for the planet Starliss, where male humans are kept as slave laborers and human women are used for breeding.